Extreme Sex Games

Extreme Sex Games

extreme sex games

4 Star Rating

What makes a game good? How about a combination of awesome sound, huge number of cool characters and even cooler actions, designs that make the jaws of the players drop from astonishment and of course, lots and lots of porn? If you typed all this in a search bar there would probably be a lot of links to go to, but here’s also a match that we would like to present, and this one is also worth your while. Let’s try Extreme Porn Game and enjoy numerous insanely sexy moments with a large number of splendid sex-crazed characters who step outside their comfort zone to have mind-blowing experiences of having hot action with other people. This is a game with excellent grades, comments and reviews, being one of the highest ranked ones on the internet. With all the things it has to offer, it should be no surprise at all.

If you are a car racing or prison escape games enthusiast, this will be something that will attract your attention immediately. Grand Fuck Auto, Call of Booty and Prison Sluts are just few of the titles in the whole ocean of projects like this waiting for you to check out and enjoy to the fullest. Exciting adventures combined with explicit sexual content must bring a lot of satisfaction to everyone who likes both porn and feeling that addictive adrenaline rush when doing something exhilarating. Do something you never did before, like picking up a prostitute on the street, inviting her to come with you and letting her rock your world. This is a game in which hookers are the hottest, so you will have a lot of fun seeing her having her booty smacked with a massive black cock in a back seat of a car. Doing all this, you will be chased by the police cars, which puts a nice ring to it. Get rid of them and go to a club, meet ravishing slutty chicks there who dig being poked in their wet horny pussies. Take one of them to the toilet and do to her whatever comes to your mind.

Review Pros

  • Good soundtrack
  • Many characters

Review Cons

  • Limited game world
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