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ASG (AdultSexGames) offers hundreds of games that are accessible and free. Sometimes you need more than simply watching adult movies. You want a piece of the action, or you want to live your fantasies, that are not possible in real life. That is the reason we have these type of games. In the last couple of years, their number multiplies so that everyone can enjoy them. They cover every possible fetish you may enjoy, and hundreds of them can be found on ASG. There are about 400 games at the moment, and the best thing about them is that all of them are free. Most of the games are cartoony, giving you a chance to fuck tiny girls, maids, babe with enormous tits and even nail famous video game characters like Princess Peach.

These games on ASG are HTML & Flash-based, meaning that you don't need to download anything. They can also be played in any browser on any devices, as long as you have Flash enabled. Most of the games are simple to play, so even after a hard at work, you'll find a few minutes to play them. After quick loading, you'll control the actions using your mouse only. While most of the games at ASG will show you all they have in 10-15 minutes, some are more like regular video games. They may be set in the world you'll need to explore in order to advance. Still, even then there is lots of nudity and chances to fuck beautiful digital bitches that always beg for more. As for the navigation, site design is simple, and it loads fast. ASG will let you manually browse games, but you can check top rated and most played games.

One of the features we loved is the video playback option, which gives you a chance to watch someone playing a game. We love that about ASG as we can check the gameplay to see if that's a game that is according to our taste. While there is some banner here, you won't confuse them for game thumbnails, and there no popups at ASG which is always a big plus.

Review Pros

  • Excellent choice of games
  • Games load quickly
  • Non-agressive ads

Review Cons

  • Some average games

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