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Being able to play games across multiple devices is extremely important for any game builder. This includes cellular devices, tablets, laptops, and desktop computers. It’s not just accessibility; however, that is essential to making a fantastic game. There are many elements in play, including the animations, plot line, gameplay, and of course, having the hottest characters in the best scenes. Working everything together where there’s plenty of raunchy and fun scenes that do not overwhelm the other plots happening in the game can be difficult. The best companies and designers know all of these things and more. After all, while I can look at these games and tell you whether they are badass or crap, there are a lot of things I don’t know about the background workings of game creation.

So How About Bangerlands 3

The intro above says a lot, but not enough at the same time. There are incredibly sexy characters in so many mainstream games, and these designers have done a fantastic job bringing those characters and character types to life. The artwork is excellent, and there are a number of mechanics that the game utilizes to keep things interesting. There are a lot of adult type games out there that are specifically focused on getting from one scene to the other, so much so that they lose track of the mainstream games they are similar to. This is not the case with Bangerlands 3, which still has the elements that gamers love about mainstream games, while adding every position there is into the game somehow.

Let's Talk Game Play

There are plenty of games that are out there that have complex controls to them, and the better games have an easy navigation system and more simple controls. Of course, there are always unique elements to games that can come up, and Bangerlands 3 has a few. Even so, the game is easy to get around in, and learning how to get around comes easily. Bangerlands 3 has some open-world elements to the game as well, so exploring can be a lot of fun. While the game is an open world, there are some things that need to be accomplished before being able to progress to specific sections of the game.

What Are The Goals

The goals of Bangerlands 3 are to not only progress in the story line but also to have a lot of incredible erotic scenes along the way. Getting laid is a fantastic way to relieve stress after all, and people in tense situations will find a lot of relief in the orgasms they get. Life cannot always be about battling bad guys, right? Fortunately for you, there are plenty of horny people in this game for you to bang. It doesn’t matter if you’re a fan of huge tits or small tits, anal, or pussy, this game has it all. I can see people having their favorite fuck buddy in the game and returning to them often to get a nut. Don’t spend too much time distracted by all of the incredible sex though, there is still a plot to follow and beating the game leads to a lot of fun too, so if you make it to that last incredible scene, let me know.

More About The Characters

With fantastic mainstream games like Borderlands, there are a plethora of gorgeous hunters and fan favorites. Some of the characters in this mainstream game talk about naked flesh and sexuality, but there is not full hardcore action featured in the mainstream game. Fortunately, with Bangerlands 3, you can get your fix. Whether you are looking to earn money and have group banging, to gain prestige and power, or to test out your erotic talents, the goals can be achieved here. One of the things I love about the site is the characters look like they are pulled straight out of the best games in the world. There are many opportunities to have extreme hardcore action as well as sensual interactions with the characters.

Think About This

Take a minute to ponder your favorite characters in the Borderlands games. Tiny Tina, Moxxie, and others would be quite a thing to watch if they were getting it on together, right!? These types of things can be found in Bangerlands 3. Regardless of whether you are a fan of softcore movies, erotic movies, rough erotic films, or BDSM videos, you can get them here with your favorite characters. The colors in the game are fantastic, and not only are there straight adult scenes, but lesbian scenes also get worked in.

As you progress further in the game, the scenes get wilder and more outrageous. If you have ever fantasized about being in a party where you are not sure who was fucking who, there are a couple scenes like that here. Some people who are playing the game are the type of people who want to watch and see things from a distance. Other people want to be right in on the action and up as close as they can be. One of the benefits of open-world games is that you can get up close and personal or stay a little bit further away to get the visual you want.

Is Sex The Crux?

This is a little bit harder question to answer because the answer is both yes and no. Bangerlands 3 is a game that is fun to play, but it also is challenging to beat. There are some characters that you might want to fuck that are not available, and there are some where you have to work at building up your stats and achievements in order to reach ecstasy with them.

Final Notes About Bangerlands 3

Some websites have an extensive collection of lower quality games, which is perfect for some people. If you are the type of person who is looking for something a little bit more complex, Bangerlands 3 is for you. The game takes a little while to get used to, but after a short time you are ready to go get some pussy and ass. The characters are attractive, and the games clips built into the game are fantastic. Live free and fuck hard!

Review Pros

  • Top quality games
  • Based on mainstream games
  • Fantastic animation
  • Smooth gameplay

Review Cons

  • Less games but higher quality

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