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Crazy Fake Taxi - You Know What It Is

Crazy Fake Taxi is a bit different, because this is the interactive game version of a site. And I’m sure you know what site I’m talking about. There’s no chance you haven’t watched at least one scene from the famous British adult site Fake Taxi, in which a Taxi driver gets to bang hot and horny chicks in the back of his cab while parked on some back alley somewhere. Well, if you like that fantasy and the videos that was made by that site over the years, you will absolutely love playing the interactive version of it. On Crazy Fake Taxi you will get to fuck chicks in the back of a cab, but in the same time, you will get lots of customization features. Let’s see what makes this game so awesome.

The Customization of Crazy Fake Taxi

What I like about Crazy Fake Taxi is the fact that it brings lots of customization. First of all, you get to choose your driver. There are two male drivers, but there is also a lady driver for when you want to have some lesbian game play in the back of the cab. And then there are the passengers. Besides the fact that you get three different passengers, with different personalities, such as innocent, regular and dominatrix, you will also get to customize their bodies, meaning breast size, ass size, and hairstyle. And then there’s another great aspect about the customization. You will get to custom your taxi. You can choose different taxi stiles, and they all have extra features to be added, such as nitro or sports suspensions. And the customization features are not just there to blow smoke in your eyes. You will also get to dive in this game, and you will feel the different features that you add on your car while in driving game play. All in all, the game combines your love for hot chicks with your love for cars and it couldn’t get more amazing.

In The Back Of A Cab

Crazy Fake Taxi comes with something different. I have seen some games offering car gameplay, but this one is all about that. What I like about the gameplay is the fact that you will get different sensual experiences based on the combination of characters you choose, so when you go back and select other characters, you won’t get the same over and over. This is going to extend the gameplay time, which is always great when it comes to games. I also like the camera angles and the way the action is given to you. The gameplay really makes it feel like you are fucking in the back of a cab. And what adds to the realism of this gameplay is the fact that all positions and kinks you will get to play are adapted to the way real action happens when in the back of a car. I think whoever made this game, not only that they are a fan of the Fan of that site, but they also watched all the movies and selected the best ways to be portrayed in this game.

Conclusions On Crazy Fake Taxi

I mentioned before that it’s not every day you get to see a parody game that’s based on a adult site. But if any site would deserve a game, Fake Taxi would be the one. However, this is more than just a parody. It really takes the Fake Taxi scenario to a new level, adding a lesbian cab driver and car customization. So, if you are ready to experience the Fake Taxi fantasy in an interactive way, head over to this site and start fucking hot chicks that you customized in a car that you put together. The game can be played directly into your browser, so no need for download or anything. It’s also compatible with your mobile device and there’s a little feature that I like. If you play the game on computer, once you switch tab or minimize the browser, the sound will stop playing, so that you won’t get caught enjoying your interactive fantasy. So, start playing Crazy Fake Taxi and you will have a night filled with erotic sceens and driving.

Review Pros

  • Fake Taxi Parody
  • Hot Lesbian Action
  • Lots of Customization

Review Cons

  • Nothing...

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