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You can waste your time playing mediocre sex games that may satisfy you a little bit, but if you want a real deal, how about trying Fap CEO to see why it has the highest ratings in the sea of all the other remarkable porn games sites that are also available nowadays? There certainly must be a reason why people would like a site like this so much, and it cannot be because the teaser trailer is quite fun. It could be the fact that you are able to start a sex-filled journey which will result in you creating the most awesome video chat empire that has ever been known to man. The journey starts with Amber, who is going to be your assistant and help you through the whole process of creating a live streaming adult website. This includes you hitting some pussies… Actually, she will help you that be as many as possible. What a great secretary, isn't she? And wait to hear that she will also help you make money by clicking the crap out of your mouse.

Going further, you will unlock chests and find a bunch of goodies you can treat yourself with, like a rose, buttplug, and many more. As you progress, you will see that the girls you will be able to hire all come with a different set of qualities and personalities. Some will be shy and modest, some will be real vixens. All of them are going to be incredibly hot, though, which is one of the most enjoyable characteristics of the game. What is quite exciting about it, it has a lot of the gameplay.

That can also be a little bit tiring, so you may wish to forward things by unlocking special crates that cost some money. However, this is optional so do not worry, you can play it and have fun without your wallet having to be opened up. One more thing that should be mentioned is that the game can be quite proud of its amazing stellar artwork. What you may find irritating are some timegates, just like unlabeled settings buttons you may come across while playing.

Review Pros

  • Really good gameplay
  • Fantastic artwork
  • Free games

Review Cons

  • Some timegates
  • Unlabeled settings buttons

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