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HentaiPorn.Games: a review

Ever wondered what it would be like to enjoy some of the best hentai games on the market with zero issues whatsoever? Well, I hope today on BestFreeSexGames that we manage to point you in the right direction to fulfill that desire! The project I'm going to be looking at goes by the name of Hentai Games and from the looks of things, this is a stellar hub of hardcore anime porn playable goodness that'll make you cum in a matter of seconds. So, with that in mind, let's get down to business and see what Hentai Games is all about.

My initial take on Hentai Games

The guys behind Hentai Games claim that they originally came up with the idea of 2012: they were sick and tired of no decent projects in the space and figured that it would be a labor of love for them to produce their own hentai-themed production. Not long after, the studio expanded and then they had a great stable of titles that they could publish and deliver to horny anime geeks (and freaks). While their initial games weren't fantastic, their recent focus on high visual quality has really made the tour look fantastic. That said, I'm not someone who wants to judge a book by its cover, so let's sign up to Hentai Games and see whether the juice is worth the squeeze.

Inside the Hentai Games member's area

The member's area of Hentai Games has a large array of titles that are fully developed and receive periodic content patches: these are displayed on the homepage in the 'completed' section. As things currently stand, Hentai Games has 14 games in this section across a few different mediums. There are RPGs, puzzle games, dating simulators and even a heavily image-based visual novel for you to try out. In addition to these 14 releases, Hentai Games has 5 titles in beta that you can enjoy as well as 3 'teaser' titles that have various assets and other development material attached to. I'm not entirely sure how long it takes for Hentai Games to finish a game, but they don't seem to like fully publishing something until it's playable and enjoyable. You can sort the games by rating if you want, but this is a little futile, since the range is from 4.64 through to 4.91 – seems like the members here really love everything that Hentai Games has to offer.

How to play Hentai Games' collection

What's quite cool about Hentai Games is that you have the choice of either downloading the games in a launcher (similar to Steam) or streaming them straight through your browser. From what I can tell, there are no real differences between the two options, except that the launcher allows offline gameplay and means you only have to download the assets once. I tried it just to make sure it worked okay (no issues) but then figured the browser option was the better choice for me. It's a nice option, but if you've got a decent Internet connection, you probably don't need to go down that road.

The Hentai Games focus

What's clear to me is that Hentai Games puts a hell of a lot of attention and effort on ensuring that the visual quality of their games is the number one thing. Don't get me wrong: the gameplay in the 7 titles I tried was good, but I was simply blown away by how good everything looked. Conveniently, they've got a decent trailer on their tour that you might want to check out: it'll show just how great their smutty anime sex games can be and from there, you can decide if it's up your alley. I think I'd also like to give a big hand to the fact that they've made the games run really well. I tried the title on my Ultrabook laptop and it worked just fine – most games give that thing a hard time, but they've optimized GPU and CPU usage so you're not taxing either one too extremely. Very much what I expect from an anime sex game, that's for sure.

Some other benefits at Hentai Games

In addition to all of the top quality porn games in the anime niche, you'll also find some hentai videos available from streaming inside the member's area. Note that these cannot be downloaded locally, but with over 700 unique scenes, I don't think it's that much of an issue. This isn't just low-quality, short hentai videos either: it's full-length productions from Japanese studios that have a plot, subtitles and so on. You'll be able to enjoy the likes of Dropout, Shoujo Ramune and Innocent Blue after you sign up to Hentai Games. To be honest, I think these alone would be more than enough to justify a membership – the fact you get games thrown in for free is just a huge, huge bonus!

There is a Discord server here and when I joined, there were just over 8,300 registered members. You can share videos here, talk shit, play games and do other stuff. There's even a channel for developer recommendations, so if you'd like to see a certain something in a game, go ahead and request it. They reply regularly and even have a nice patch notes area where you can see new updates and so on as and when they come.

My final thoughts on Hentai Games

If I haven't made it abundantly clear, Hentai Games is a pretty stellar hub that I think everyone should check out sooner or later. They've done a nice job of curating some very unique games and yeah – you won't find these titles anywhere else on the Internet, since it's entirely exclusive to the Hentai Games platform. A big shout-out to the guys behind this project because man: they've really done a top-tier job thus far. Anyway, thanks for giving my review a read and be sure to come back to BestFreeSexGames whenever you need more recommendations for the hottest spots online for smutty games. Now go sign up to Hentai games and start fapping to their anime XXX gaming releases!

Review Pros

  • interactive platform
  • Good-looking girls
  • Easy to access

Review Cons

  • Only hentai fetish

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