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A close look at Jerk Dolls

It's fair to say that a long time ago, getting your hands on top-tier games was quite difficult. The reason for this stems from the fact that the porn and gaming markets online didn't meet all that often, so your only choices were shitty Flash games created by dudes over the course of a weekend. I'm glad to say that those times are behind us, so let's talk about JerkDolls and determine if this is one of the better spots online for XXX gaming bliss. I'll sign up and try it out for a few hours: continue on if you'd like to know how I went!

Initial reaction to Jerk Dolls

Signing up was pretty convenient, plus JerkDolls is currently running a freemium model, so you won't need to pay for anything unless you explicitly decide to in-game. Speaking of the game: Jerk Dolls has a few different access models depending on what your preferences are. Firstly, there are a range of downloads, with support for Windows, MacOS and even Linux! I know, I found it surprising at first, but I guess they have a real port nerd at Jerk Dolls who wants to make sure that the ultimate of geeks out there can still play games without emulators.

If you don't really want to store anything locally, you can choose to instead play straight out of your browser. Jerk Dolls has official support for Firefox and Chrome right now, but I tried 3 other browsers and none had issues. The game is ran on the Unity WebGL system, so it's going to be good into the future too: this isn't one of those Flash projects that's bound to have issues in a few months when the big browsers crack down on that outdated, buggy software. I'm also pleased to announce that Jerk Dolls rolls out fresh patches every Thursday, with plenty of new content added throughout the month to keep you horny.

Content in Jerk Dolls

I think I should probably mention now that Jerk Dolls is mainly a sex simulation game. There are some elements of gameplay here, but the main focus is on just watching the real-time rendered 3D fucking that you have complete control over. Because of this, you'll want to know that as you progress through different scenes, you'll unlock 'Orgasm Bux' that you can then spend on a variety of different goodies. We're talking outfits, sex toys, new locations, tattoos and with mega bucks, you can import established pornstars. Want to fuck Brandi Love, Riley Reid and Dillion Harper? Then make the girls cum and spend your points – it's a great system!

A note on quality at Jerk Dolls

Perhaps the biggest problem that adult games have had historically lends to their general low quality. Jerk Dolls isn't going to continue the cycle: their release here feels like a triple-A game. We're talking full 3D rendering, 1080p resolutions and accurate skin texturing. No expense has been spared and they're certainly setting the pace going forward for the competition. I'd say that JerkDolls is one of the most visually entertaining games I've come across, although again: there isn't much of a storyline or difficult gameplay element here. You just fuck girls that you unlock and try to make them cum with your superior banging skills.

The negatives of Jerk Dolls

In the interests of balance, I will go ahead here and mention a few negatives. Firstly, Jerk Dolls' audio could be a lot better. They've said on their development blog that they are devoting time to it, but it's still going to be a while before they have it fully sorted. In addition to that, this game does tax your graphics card and CPU at a rather high rate. Most folks will be fine, but if anyone is on a budget machine, they might hear their fans spinning up when playing Jerk Dolls.

Jerk Dolls: the final verdict

Despite me finding a few flaws, I think that Jerk Dolls is more than set up to bring extreme levels of erotic bliss to the horny guys who head on over and decide to play it. There is a way to go in the future, but as things currently stand? Yeah, you're going to be jerking your cock non-stop if this is the first full 3D game that you try out. So, in short, get yourself some of the best XXX gaming fun available for free thanks to the Jerk Dolls browser sex simulation game. Thanks for reading – may your next orgasm be the greatest one yet.

Review Pros

  • Active development team
  • Many languages
  • Fully 3D renders

Review Cons

  • No Discord server

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