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Strategy games can quite have your attention if they are good and well-honed, but when you add some hot sexual content things get even better and more exciting. Kamihime PROJECT R, an adult game from the Nutaku site is all about gameplay and strategy, with some juicy sexy scenes taking a back seat. The story of the game is about a young warrior who, after finding an ancient artifact known as the “Device”, as he was exploring pre-historic landscapes, takes up an epic journey in order to prevent the second coming of Ragnarok, which is an apocalyptic event that once completely ruined an ancient civilization thousands of years ago. His friend from childhood called Alyssa helps him, and together they have to recruit souls, Kamihime, and powerful Eidolons who will assist them with their mission during this incredible adventure.

One of the best things when it comes to this game is the phenomenal writing. There are awesome dialogues and much of the writing is voiced by actual people. Having a pinch of humor, many players commented on it saying some very positive things, like that they never got bored by it, unlike while playing some other similar games. The artists also put a lot of effort into their work, which can be seen while enjoying the stunning graphics and noticing they paid a lot of attention to the details, even during some parts that did not really need it.

The sound and the music is also impeccable, with the tracks that really seem soulful and heartfelt, fitting the game perfectly and making it even more fabulous. All in all, compared to all the other games of this kind, it is one of the most complete ones and the effort of the team of creators can really be noticed while playing it. They did a really good job and made a mind-blowing project with an interesting story, gameplay, dialogues and all the effects in the game make it all look so perfectly organized and combined. With a game good like this, you will enjoy the hot sex scenes even more than when you play other ones!

Review Pros

  • Great gameplay
  • Great writing
  • Very good graphics

Review Cons

  • Nothing
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