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If you are someone who is looking for a website that offers a bunch of fully 3D sex games, then lopgold.com is definitely one of the places that you just have to check out. In order to try out the games, you will have to sign up for a membership which costs $19.99 for a month, however, if you go for a longer time period, you can get a major discount up to 62%.

All games are high-quality productions, and there are always some new games in the works, so you are actually going to get even more content than what you subscribe for, to begin with, which is always a great deal. When it comes to the genre of games, all of them happen to target different sexual fantasies, so no matter what you are into, you are definitely going to find a game in this collection that is going to be worth your time. While the games do focus on different genres of sexual fantasies, they do have some things in common, such as animations and character designs, which in this case is a pretty good thing, since all of them are quite detailed and realistic.

The games also offer something for everyone, as there are games where you can jump straight into the action and enjoy some incredible sex scenes, while there are also games which are story driven with choice options that allow quite a lot of replayability as well. One thing about this site that is definitely worth mentioning is that the customer support is absolutely incredible. Not only that you get access to some new games that are in production included in the price of the membership, but you can also give feedback to the developers about what kind of things you would like to see in that game or some of their future games. While there are other companies that do something similar to this, in this case, the company actually finds the customer feedback very important, and everyone's opinion is valued, which means that your kinkiest fantasy might get into one of their games if you just mention it once or twice.

Review Pros

  • Great production
  • Many 3D sex games
  • Variety of fantasies

Review Cons

  • Nothing
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