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Most games are about busty hentai chicks and all the awesome hot stuff you see are actually just drawn images of kawai-looking girls who look adorable while getting nailed. Seeing real-life ladies doing juicy things that you can also see if you watch mainstream videos, but having the ability to control what happens next is what Life Selector has to offer. The minute you find yourself on the site, a large number of things to check out will wait for you. Titles like Sex Tourist on Holiday, a day with Riley Reid (and other stars for that matter) and Dirty College Diaries are just a few ones in the ocean of awesome things that are on the table. All you have to do is join for free and select a show and you will be able to start having fun with the ravishing dick lovers who do nothing better than getting naked and nasty with their horny studs with stiff cocks.

Before you choose what attracts you the most, you can read several things that are at the bottom of the video images, like the story, labels and who the stars of the clip are. There are even trailers to see before you engage in any specific activity. This can help you find your favorite babes and avoid seeing something you may find less interesting. However, since all the stories are quite fun and all the videos are full of sexy things to enjoy, there will probably be no reason for you to skip anything.

Every model has certain quotes and sentences that describe her the best, and all of this can be read when you click on a certain image, but before you actually start the game. Lovely ladies just want their viewers to get to know them better one way or another. A considerable number of hot pictures of the chosen model is also something you will see once you start a game, and they go together with another, even more detailed description about the beauty. Now it’s time for the video to start and you to choose what the stars are going to do.

Review Pros

  • Stunning women
  • Real-life pornstars
  • Free to play

Review Cons

  • Not much gameplay

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