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When it comes to adult sex games, there are two main genres that people are into, and those are ones with 3D realistic animations and those that are all about the incredible 2D hentai and cartoon animations which you can find on

All the games on the site are either focused on the cartoon or hentai style, and they are of premium quality. While you are required to register in order to get access to all the games that the site offers, you are able to play a demo of a game here and there by registering for a free account, just to get a taste of the goodness that this site offers.

While there are some original titles on the site, the majority of games draws inspiration from somewhere else, as they appear to be sex game parodies of certain titles like Street Fighter, Naruto, Kingdom of Hearts, and many other titles. In order to get access to the premium membership, you will have to get the trial membership for $14.95, or a monthly membership for $29.95. While the price might seem big at first, the amount of high-quality sex games that you get access to is quite impressive, and you should keep in mind that more games are getting released on a regular basis.

When it comes to the gameplay and the genres of games, there is something for everyone. You can easily find games that are made only for pleasure, as they will involve a couple of sex animations with a little bit of gameplay here and there in form of puzzles and mini-games, while there are also some RPGs which will take you a couple of hours to complete, with a lot of replayability behind it. If you are someone who enjoys watching sexy cartoon and hentai babes in action that you have control over during the game, then you definitely want to check out a couple of games that this site offers, as not only that they are extremely entertaining to play, but they are also extremely entertaining to watch when you get to some juicy animated scenes.

Review Pros

  • Lots of games
  • Hentai games
  • Cartoon games

Review Cons

  • Registration required
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