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Minecraft Sex Games review

Notch probably wouldn't be too happy about the fact that there's a adult parody game themed around Minecraft, but ever since he sold it to Microsoft and the game exploded in popularity, there has never been a better time for people to go hunting for Minecraft themed adult projects. That's the premise and focus of the game platform we're going to be looking at today, which goes by the name of Minecraft Parody. Although I've had a little look at the tour and enjoyed what I've seen so far, I want to give this place my full, thoughtful analysis before recommending it (or telling you to go elsewhere). That's going to require a visit – onward!

First impressions on Minecraft Parody

So the interior site design here at Minecraft Parody is pretty damn attractive: they've managed to keep it modern and functional, which a surprisingly few number of destinations have managed in recent years. Minecraft Parody first launched in January of 2016, so it's actually quite an old destination, but don't let that put you off: they started with 3 games and right now, you're able to play over 12! That's a lot of development work and their flagship product, Minecraft XXX, receives full content updates every 3 months – not shabby in the slightest.

Note that you're able to either download a launcher to play Minecraft Parody (offered on both MacOS and Windows devices) or alternatively, just use the browser as the way for you to interface with the various games on offer here. What's quite cool is that while they've maintained that classic Minecraft aesthetic, they've managed to make it really hot at the same time. Whoever knew that blocks could be so erotic? Especially ones from an open world game such as Minecraft.

Playing Minecraft XXX

As mentioned, the most popular – and updated – game here is called Minecraft XXX. It's quite enjoyable to play and is a huge, open world fuck engine. You've got literally hundreds of NPCs to come across – all of whom will fuck you if you trade them the right goods. This is where the mature element of Minecraft XXX comes in: collect the raw materials, build the desired products and then get paid with sweet block pussy as a result! It doesn't get any better than that if you ask me. Minecraft XXX was surprisingly enjoyable, as were the other 3 games I played here. Special shout out to MILFs in Minecraft – gotta love older women, right?

Bonus rendered videos at Minecraft Parody

So on top of all the games available here, Minecraft Parody also has a stellar collection of XXX renders that you might want to check out. According to the team, they've got an in-house artist whose sole job it is to produce these naughtl videos – some of which you might have seen on tubes sites already. They're a joy to watch and honestly, my only issue is the fact that you cannot download them for local storage. I know it's not the end of the world, but still – what happens when I want to jerk off to Minecraft parody content but my Internet is offline? That's never happened before, but that doesn't mean it never will!

Final thoughts on Minecraft Parody

Look folks, I'm going to wrap up the review there – I think I've said all that needs to be said on the topic of Minecraft Games. What's delivered here is truly magical and it genuinely surpassed all of my expectations. I'm incredibly impressed with the visual quality of the games on offer and yeah: if you're into this type of thing, I've got no doubt you're going to be jerking off 24/7 thanks to the top-tier titles that Minecraft XXX Parody has to offer. Grab your free account today and try it out – you'll be rock solid in a matter of minutes.

Review Pros

  • Sandbox Games
  • Easy To Play
  • Diversified Action

Review Cons

  • Other Characters are NPC

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