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With the popularity of adult-focused games increasing each day, game enthusiasts will be happy to hear about another one. One of the most recommended sex games is definitely Narcos XXX, having all the stupendous features and attracting people’s attention with the epic title itself. Since the game has been developed on the Unity engine, there is no need for a plugin or downloading anything potentially nasty. Other games such as Kerbal Space Program, Rust and Hearthstone also use this engine, and it is considered to be a good one. The beginning of the game lets the players familiarize themselves with the controls, which is not going to be difficult at all.

Once they are done with reading the instructions, it is time for some action! Even though it all starts with an attractive girl bending over on the boat she shares with you, the plot soon thickens and you find yourself arrested next to other two naked dudes who you know nothing about, just like how the heck you ended up like that. You will have a gun and be behind bars, so your first task is to escape. This is something you will be able to control and also where the fun begins. The gameplay is incredibly well optimized, using an isometric shooter approach to its rendering.

You can play by setting the full screen or keeping it windowed. Taking out the guards will be the next task and this also includes you moving around the prison while following the blue arrows. If you use barrels they can assist you in murdering the correctional officers, but this is optional. It can be said that the game is nicely detailed and quite well-honed, and a lot of time and effort were put into making something of a high quality. If you are persistent, the best thing comes after all the shooting, and it is very sexual. That will be the treat for doing a good job. Having several scenes to go through and them all being quite interesting, the good time is guaranteed with this fabulous adventurous sex game that you must try as soon as possible.

Review Pros

  • Engaging gameplay
  • Free bonus sites
  • Gangster game

Review Cons

  • No forum

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