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If you had fun playing the sex game Booty Calls, you will also like to hear about another creation that comes from the Nutaku site– Naughty Kingdom! For those who are really familiar with Booty Calls it will not be difficult to notice the same aura in this fantastic new game. This is one of those games in which you get a chance to create your own harem and collect hot babes from different sorts of places and recruit them, teach them how to be as nasty as possible and fulfill all your sexual desires one by one or all together at the same time.

What makes this sex game a little bit different than other ones is the fact that here you get to fight vicious monsters and complete challenges with a unique, fun puzzle mechanic you will find quite impressive. These girls also like receiving nice gifts, cause it will make them like you even more and want to do more sexy things for you to get under your skin. In order to master challenging fights, you will have the ability to upgrade helpful skills. Also, when you want to take a break from playing, you can enjoy the hot pictures of the babes that you collected in order to revive some awesome moments that just had to be seen at least twice. Since this is one of the Nutaku creations, good graphics and visual effects are expected, just like a lot of hot moments which are the reason you came to this place.

The babes are gorgeous and the game play is satisfactory, just like the fantastic sound and settings that go together with this game. The game is updated regularly and you can meet some interesting people who are also part of this world. Since it can be played completely for free, you can start anytime you want. It is easy to understand and operate, with no difficult parts that you may find irritating. If you perform well, a bunch of bonuses are waiting for you so there is no way you ever get bored while playing it.

Review Pros

  • Good graphics
  • Free to play

Review Cons

  • Shallow gameplay
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