Planes of Eros

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4 Star Rating

With such great game graphics, you are bound to fall in love with Planes of Eros game, no tot mention that their gameplay is also quite fun. One could say that this is a rather generous game and it does kind of resemble the slot casino games, but you get to be way luckier, trust me. For some reason, they thought that mixing character development with slot machines would be a good mix, and they were not wrong, because it oddly works out.

The overall quality of the game could be seen as medium, simply because the production is high, but the combat graphics are not as well made. However, Planes of Eros follows a rather interesting and funny story, with quirky jokes and bluntness that you are bound to appreciate. Sometimes that bluntness could get annoying as well, depending on your take of the humor.

The game has great music and a lot of voice overs, especially at the beginning of the game. It looks a bit too dramatic, but in a positive way, as you get to meet lots of different characters who would love to get on top of your dick. There are a couple of sex scenarios you can explore, including one with a beautiful pink-haired chick who will get tied up, bent over and penetrated hard. Their sex scenes are very hot, and thus it is inevitable that you will get addicted. With such an odd combination, this is a rather hybrid game worth playing, simply because the characters are very hot.

Make sure to follow the story, and immerse yourself in this wonderful world of slot machines that will lead you to passionate banging. Everything the game has to offer, will be neatly explained at the beginning, and you even have instruction on how everything works. With that said, the Planes of Eros is a rather simple game where you will understand how everything works without many issues. Therefore, explore the game, it is free and you can find it on, and have some naughty fun!

Review Pros

  • Regularly updated
  • Free to play

Review Cons

  • Battles are low-quality
  • The jokes are a bit too dry
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