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As you land on the main page, you'll see the list of the latest published games. What's impressive here is that a new one is added every day, so there is a reason to visit this place often. Thankfully, the navigation offers many options, and if you have no idea what to play, then list the games by their popularity or user ratings.

There is also a list of categories which includes card games, fetishism, blowjobs, and even aliens or tentacle action. Whatever you prefer, it's probably here! While regular video games require robust hardware, these games will run on any computer. Plus, there is no need for installation, as all of them load in your browser. All you need is a decent internet connection, and you can start playing.

These games are great if you don't have much time, as most of them could be completed in a few minutes. Controls are easy to understand, as only a mouse is required. If you need something to test your skills, there are always logical and role-playing games. Best of all, this site offers only free games! There are no hidden fees, paywalls or microtransaction - only pure fun.

There are a few banners on the site, but they are not aggressive and will not get in your way as you play. Say goodbye to those annoying pop-up ads! The site is also clean of viruses and spyware, so it's a haven for all adult games lovers.

Review Pros

  • Fast loading site
  • Keeps attention

Review Cons

  • Needs Flash Player
  • Navigation can be better

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