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PokerMonGames are thriving today, even after so many years since the original series was aired. The lore has grown over time and the kids of the early 2000s are now grownups, and they all have a kink for Pokémon games. This is the reason for which this site is so popular. The Pokémon porn games are so abundant that the guy behind this website has chose the very best of them, featured them on the same platform, and enjoyed the huge audience. In my opinion, the best game on this site is PokeCum. What I like about this game is the way it took that cuteness of the original characters are reimagined as adorable humans and pokemons that look cartoonish. But at the same time, the adorableness of these characters are also what makes the naughty action even kinkier. And this game has no boundaries when it comes to morality and the way they make absolutely all characters fuck each other. 

When Pokémons and Humans Get Naughty

First of all, the game comes with hardcore scenes between girls and boys. You get teen vs old action, lesbian fingering and hardcore boy/girl scenes. But the kink goes on in the PokeCum game. You will also enjoy playable scenes between two pokemons. This game is the first one in which I’ve seen lesbian action between female pokemons, with face sitting, fisting and all the kinks. And it keeps on getting dirty, because the game has some main scenes in which you will enjoy pokemon on woman action. You’ve never seen a Charizard fucking a young Pokemon trainer from behind while bending her over a ranch fence. And finally, the collection also has a rare number of male trainers are fucking their female pokemons. I must say, these scenes might be a bit disturbing, but the kinkiness of them is what impress the players the most. And all pairs can perform a large series of actions, including bondage, fingering, anal, standing front side fuck and so much more. Your goal will be to go through the scenes and enjoy the special abilities each character has, no matter if it’s human or pokemon. 

The Graphics in PokeCum

PokeCum is not the best game in the PokerMon Games collection, but it makes up through story and intensity. The design of the characters is intentionally cartoonish, and their cuteness features, such as the big eyes or the skinny body, are exaggerated to appeal to our naughtiest of fantasies. But even if the game doesn’t come in HD and it doesn’t have such an advanced gaming engine, with moves that are kind of rough, the design of the character is making up through small details, such as smiling, facial expression when fucking and cumming, responsive body parts and special effects. There’s oiled up massage on the site and the asses and tits of the characters look like they’ve really been oiled up. 

The Gameplay on PokeCum

At the same time, PokeCum is one of the most diverse site of the collection. With game play that takes you throughout all the possibilities of a Pokémon world in which pokemofilia is allowed and encouraged. So, no matter what Pokémon kink you’d want to see, most likely it will be featured in this game. I don’t know who ever waits to finish it all before cumming for all the kinky poke depicted in the game. The action is pretty point and click, with some stories taking you from one scene to the other. Once you get into the scene, the characters are doing themselves for you, exactly like in a classic Gameboy Pokémon battle. 

Probably The Kinkiest Game

The offer of PokerMon Games would be attractive even if it was featuring this one single game. It’s a game for the players who really have the true Pokémon kink, the one that can be fulfilled only through the most specific ways. The kinks you see here are not regular in the world of Pokémon parody, and that kinkiness makes up for the lack of modern graphics. I still hope somebody will put out a newer and hotter game, with poke sounds and all that, but so far no one could top the kinkiness of PokeCum. You will sure enjoy the many action scenes coming with this release. And there’s so many other Poke titles on PokerMon Games that all your Poke kinks will be fulfilled. 

Review Pros

  • All Types Of Pokemon Action
  • Plenty of Scenes
  • Intuitive Gameplay

Review Cons

  • Scenes Are Mostly AutoPlay

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