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A porn game lover can never get sick of a good juicy one that is rich when it comes to hot details and nude babes who look tempting even though they are drawn. A turn-based RPG combining equal part adventure with strategy is how Rumblade can be described. This is another game that belongs to the Nutaku family, and if you had a chance to play a game that comes from this site before, you will know that you can expect some pretty awesome things. Any game needs a good teaser, but when it also comes with fantastic art-work and screenshots that entice you right in, it is worth trying. Having no need to be downloaded, the players can start enjoying it the minute they see it and click the play button, and there will be no troubles with Chrome compatibility like it can be the case with some of them.

A little introduction with a backstory is given as some classic Asian music is playing in the background. Sanada Yukimura, a good old friend of yours will be your guidance, and it all starts when she informs you about a demon named Akechi, that you will have to kill. It is not going to be difficult at all, and soon you will be able to hit it off with the girl who helped you by giving her a gift as a token of appreciation and seducing her to get naked and nasty in no time. This submissive hentai floozy with a big bust will do anything she is asked, and enjoy every second of it.

A good news is that the game does not finish here, but there are so many more things to do, and what is even better, it includes spending time with other gorgeous dolls who are lusty and willing to get dirty. There will be times when you will have to show how skillful you are in order to progress and achieve good results, and you will enjoy this great polished game that is completely free to play and abundant with hot ladies who like dashing around naked and horny.

Review Pros

  • Great polished game
  • Stunning hentai women
  • Free to play

Review Cons

  • No volume slider
  • Some time gates
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