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4 Star Rating is a pretty big gaming platform with lots of erotic games for you to check out; some are free and some require payment, but most of them are amazing. Well, one game that you are bound to appreciate is called Sacred Sword Princess, and it is an amazing game with some of the hottest characters you will ever meet. This is a rather lewd action-adventure RPG game, and it is free to play. However, there are some items and other things you can purchase in the game with real money, but overall you can enjoy it at a steady pace if you choose not to spend any money on the game.

The story is quite simple and easy to follow, and their interactions and gameplay is amazing. If you remember the game Crystal maidens, well you are in for a naughtier treat because both the gameplay and the battles are done in a much better way here. There is also a lot more to do in this game than in most other similar games, not to mention that the visuals of Sacred Sword Princess are amazingly done.

Their artwork and animations are top notch, and you should prepare yourself for some of the most beautiful work for a free to play RPG game. Their plot is quite addictive and the interactions and dialogs are done nicely. Their writers made sure to engage the audience completely with the game, and thus you are bound to all in love with the game yourself. Basically, you are placed in a world where you have to do lots of naughty missions, and meet hot chicks who would love to have sex with you. The lewd scenes are nicely presented, and you will get to fuck a lot of different characters. You could look at this game as the lewd version of Pokémon, where you get to collect different hotties who would love to have sex with you. If you like adventure RPG games and you enjoy the lewdness as well, then Sacred Sword Princess might just be the game you are looking for.

Review Pros

  • Great artwork
  • Design and graphics
  • Lots of hot hentai chicks
  • Great story and dialog
  • Fun to play

Review Cons

  • A couple of battle bugs
  • Somewhat repetitive stages and battles
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