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Playing Sex Penetrator

Hey there. I hope you've managed to find this page because you're looking to play some great games: if not, you're almost certainly in the wrong place! Now when it comes to making the best suggestions out there, few people are able to compete with my site and reviews. We understand the industry better than most and will always work to bring you the most valuable information around on hot games to jerk off over. Today, I'm going to look at this new beta game. Let's get into the swing of things, shall we?

My first thoughts

So the very first thing that I want to mention is that this title is very much a graphics-driven title. You can choose to download this game or run it from the browser: both look great and they are surprisingly well optimized, with little utilization of my graphics card of CPU. What I will say is that the download goes up to 4K, whereas this title can only be played in 1080p (and at 30 FPS) if you decide to run it from your browser. So, in short, it's probably best that you download it if you're running a 4K monitor.

Since so much attention has been invested into the graphics, gameplay here and storyline isn't all that developed. That's not a concern for me though – especially since I know a lot of people just want that sweet 3D fucking and sucking to masturbate over. SexPenetrator is surely one of the best titles in this respect. They've got some of the best rendering in the business!

My Conclusion

Would I be willing to recommend this game? You bet your bottom dollar! I've always been a massive fan of world-class pornographic games and I feel like that's exactly what this game is. They know the ins and outs of this business and will never stop giving us access to sweet, hardcore gaming fun. Since you can sign up for free, it's probably a good idea to head on over right now and check it out.

Review Pros

  • Top tier graphics
  • New weekly patches
  • Free access to mods

Review Cons

  • Average download speed

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