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An analysis of SlutSelector

Friends, it's about time that we checked out a new game, so how about I head on over to a place called Slut Selector and tell you all about it? I think we know by now that BestFreeSexGames is one of the hottest spots around for XXX reviews, so it stands to reason that if you want to know more about SlutSelector, you should continue reading. By the time you've finished reading here, you'll know everything you need to with regard to Slut Selector. So without further ado – let's take this game for a spin and see what's going on with it.

Signing up to SlutSelector

I'm happy to announce that as things currently stand, SlutSelector is completely free for you to access and play. They're running an open beta period for the next few months and once that's done, they're actually planning to switch over to a freemium model. This creates a fantastic value proposition for people that like to try before they buy, so ensure you give Slut Selector's free offer a good deal of your consideration as offers like this are few and far between. I absolutely loved the process too: real streamlined with only a requirement for your email address and a password. Take notes, rival game websites – this is how easy it ought to be to get into the mix.

More on Slut Selector

Currently, SlutSelector is a browser game with support from Safari, Firefox, Edge, Chrome, Opera and Brave. It uses the Unity Engine and the WebGL API, so it's pretty well prepared for the future and if you feel like getting a title that you can enjoy for many years to come, this could definitely be it. Believe me when I say that a lot of gaming fans are going to be pretty disappointed when Chrome stops allowing Flash on their browser – big problems for the people pumping those titles out, that's for sure! Adapt or die is the motto and it's good that Slut Selector is in a prime position to ensure that all of the horny punters out there are really able to get their hands on a quality, actively developed product like this.

My take on SlutSelector graphics

I've always been someone who appreciates top quality graphics, so let me go ahead and tell you this: SlutSelector is killing it when it comes to the 3D artwork and animations that they have in-game. The people feel as real as they get and I think special attention has been paid to the skin quality. They've done such a fantastic job of making sure that the lifelike appearance of all the characters is their primary concern, so forget wasting your time with games that don't offer this: SlutSelector is there to get you through the tough times. This is especially stellar when you think about how most average porn games out there look like complete ass – and not in a good way! We're talking outdated graphics made 15 years ago by some horny teenager in his bedroom over a weekend. Less than preferable and I know that Slut Selector is really aiming high to deliver a AAA vibe for its collection. We here at BestFreeSexGames rarely see goods like this.

The future of SlutSelector

According to the developer diary here on SlutSelector, there's plans to release new expansions twice a year, as well as fresh content updates around once a month. They allege that they've pretty much maxed out efficiency and CPU/GPU usage likely won't go down, but I think most horny gamers out there with a semi-decent rig aren't going to have any issues enjoying Slut Selector and its beautiful collection of pornographic goodness. If so, you should probably update your PC anyway, since how else will you be able to own noobs in League of Legends?

Slut Selector: the conclusion

I think it's quite reasonable and wise for me to wrap up my analysis here, mainly because I don't feel like there's much else to say on the topic of Slut Selector or what it is they have to offer. Ideally, I'd like to see them work on giving us some community features like a forum and Discord server, but if you're just here to game and jerk off, those things aren't going to be a primary concern for you. Anyway: BestFreeSexGames is willing to endorse the entire Slut Selector experience, so go right ahead and take this game for a spin. It's completely free and anyone who does is surely going to have an absolute blast. Thanks for reading and be sure to visit our site again whenever you need the latest and greatest game suggestions!

Review Pros

  • Great free game
  • Fantastic 3D graphics
  • Regular new patches

Review Cons

  • No Discord server
  • No standalone client

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