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The time has come when a considerable number of addictive games are spread all over the internet, spoiling young people, but also bringing them time of their life! Porn games are even worse – once you start dealing with them, it takes a lot of strength and will to run away from all the awesome things they are offering. For instance, number one rated cartoon porn game on the internet is Toon Sex game, and it must be admitted that it holds the throne for a reason. It is far beyond incredible! At the very beginning of it, you have the option to choose who your sex partner is going to be – Marge Simpson or Lois from Family Guy. Both of them stroke a sexy pose while having nothing on their body, so it is obvious these two ladies are prepared for some hot action with the player.

Once one of them is chosen, the fun begins and even more explicit things start going on on the screen. You will be asked if you are ready to see some aggressive sex scenes and if you have all that it takes to handle all the sexiness. It is up to you how things will develop further. If you dig female submission and seeing them dominated for the purpose of their sex partners being pleased, you will not mind trying out this game that boasts incredible graphics and many alluring cartoon babes. Let’s see how these drawn darlings like to receive it down there.

Discover their true faces and find out what they are hiding in their closet. These things will never be seen on TV or anywhere else while the shows are being aired, but we know that even cartoon characters have their needs in their bedroom when no one else is watching them. Another important thing to mention is that the players will have the option to choose what turns them on the most – group sex, domination, fantasies, extreme sex… Moreover, they can choose which characters they would like to see doing all these things, and you can expect a bunch or random chicks from famous cartoons.

Review Pros

  • Really good graphics
  • Stunning women
  • Best porn site

Review Cons

  • Small game collection
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