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Thanks West Sluts! You have a good game (I am fully willing to admit that) and you give several options about the type of sex I want to see. I hit the ‘Safe for Work’ option, and suddenly I am blasted with a load of sound which says “WARNING: YOU ARE ABOUT TO PLAY A BRUTAL SEX GAME”. I must say that if I was at work and I hit that, I would probably be a bit disappointed. I am not sure that the game really has a specific theme. The 3D models that you find in West Sluts are some of the best I have ever seen in a adult game too. The thing with West Sluts is that right off the bat, you are going to have fucking dozens of hours of gameplay.

Most of the gameplay is going to involve you levelling up your character so you will be able to fuck more women in the game. I am not normally a fan of erotic games like that, because it often means that I am just going to see the same thing over and over again when I am playing. It becomes boring. When you are playing West Sluts, you are actually going to want to continue to play the game. This is because each and every lass that you are going to be finding in West Sluts is genuinely worth looking at. They each offer a different shag. Yeah, the gameplay is not really going to be changing that much between the people that you are shagging on the site, but it don’t matter too much. The vast majority of people who are playing adult entertainment games are doing so because they want to see a good fucking. They don’t care about the gameplay.

Review Pros

  • High quality art
  • Dozens of hours gameplay

Review Cons

  • Ads inside

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